Mississippi Collection - Washington Street

c. 1840 by Sara Morgan

In the 19th century, when rivers were considered the “highways” of America, the Mississippi River was an important pathway for the westward expansion of the U.S. Mark Twain wrote colorful tales about life on the river and Mike Fink, a folk hero, was legend along the river which became a vital trade route for all types of merchandise. With the introduction of steamboats, they were able to conquer the powerful waters and provide new opportunities for items to trade up river, between New Orleans and Kentucky, as far north as Minneapolis and St. Paul, and even goods from Europe made it up river.

All along the banks of the Mississippi were retailers who sold general goods, various mercantile and, of course, textiles, making quilting and home sewing more popular with easier accessibility to more fabrics. This particular collection features some of those period florals in the beautiful colors of the era, along with coordinating berries and stems, and tossed bouquets from one of Sara’s original vintage quilts of the Southern 1800s.

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